The Dinner Game (Le Dîner de Cons , France 1998) ****

The Dinner Game That this small French comedy was quickly adapted in five different countries, including in the USA (as Dinner for Schmucks), tells a great deal about the film. It is plain simply funny. Funnier than Dinner for Schmucks (even though, to the credit of Dinner for Schmucks, they didn’t copy the film precisely, but rather used the main idea for inspiration).
In a nutshell, a group of Parisian businessmen entertain themselves by having a weekly dinner in which each is to bring a guest who is an idiot. The one who brings the greatest idiot wins. But what is so great about The Dinner Game is that the story actually takes place not at the dinner table but rather at the house of one of the participants, who never makes it to the game. Telling more will be to take away from the film. It’s a great rental if you are looking for an evening of laughs. The actors are hilarious and the plot is structured like an Eifel tower made of matches.