The Last Jedi (2017) ****

The Last Jedi counts as Episode VIII, or the second installment of the third trilogy to Lucas’s Star Wars. But don’t let that small fact confuse you…  Written and directed by Rian Johnson, and staring new and old cast members (a long list is enclosed above,) The Last Jedi strives, and, for the most part, succeeds, in finding balance between legacy and innovation; not a simple task.
If I had to sum-up the experience of watching this film in one word, it would be: impressive. Although, not without hiccups.
At times the story feels like a dish that tries to blend one too many flavors, only to end up confusingly dull. I also didn’t care much for the protagonist, Rey. She, who is to take the place of Luke Skywalker, appears to be angry much of the time. If to follow the Jedi logic, anger is prune to be drawn to the Dark Side. Yet somehow she is immuned. Besides, I didn’t care for someone who is constantly pissed off…
Other issues included the single lesson Luke is giving Rey. Granted, what can Skywalker do that will be truly significant? Maybe the equivalent of raising a spaceship as his teacher, Yoda, did? Instead, we are served with a bit of humor, and a short speech about the mystery of the Force. A five-minute lesson, and Rey finds herself fully realizing her Jedi's potential! I don’t think so… That was quite a disappointment.
But let’s not be too picky. All in all, The Last Jedi delivers the stuff we want to see – clear good versus evil, space battles, and a universe that is far, far away, yet, maybe, closer than we wish to believe. Looking forward to Episode IX to be released in Dec 2019.
p.s. I took the time and stayed until the last rolling title was gone. The number of people who worked on this production is endless. And, in one word, impressive.