Spy (2015) ***

Spy by writer-director Paul Feig is an amusing parody that will make you laugh, and then laugh some more. Yet it will be all but forgotten the morning after; thus while a good comedy, Spy is not a memorable one.
Staring some of the director’s favorite cast, Spy features Melissa McCarthy in the leading rule, closely supported by Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Miranda Hart, Bobby Cannavale, Allison Janney, and Jude Law; all doing a deliciously fine job.
Spy tells the story of a CIA analyst (McCarthy) who serves as remote eyes for a field operator (Law.) When the latter is presumed shot, the former finds herself transformed into a surprisingly effective spy, attempting to save the world from a nuke about to be sold to terrorists. While the plot is corny and predictable -- even for a parody, what makes Spy work is the cast. McCarthy is the very definition of funny; with perfect timing and an ability to shift in an instance from timid to super rude and then back to timid again. Jude Law is Mr. slick -- as charming as a his James Bond like character requires. Statham surprises for the better in a comic role, and the rest of the cast does not fall short behind. Feig directs with confidence. A fun fluffy flick for a pleasant afternoon at the movies; nothing less, nothing more.