Midnight Run (1988) *****

Midnight RunI took this film out on DVD as I have not seen it in 20 years and I remembered enjoying it very much. What can I say – good movies don’t age! Midnight Run is an action comedy with a heart and a soul, funny dialogues, good pacing, appropriate music, and terrific acting by Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Yaphet Kotto and John Ashton. The plot follows a bounty hunter (De Nero) accompanying his prized catch (Grodin) – an accounted wanted by the FBI, a Mafia boss, and another competing bounty hunter. Midnight Run is also a road-movie, which goes to say, it takes us, the audience, across the country, allowing us to meet different characters while enabling the main characters, and especially the beat-up De Nero, to go through a transformation. This well-written, well-directed film, manages to stay fresh and surprising, witty and heartwarming.