Tangled (2010) ****

TangledThough in part based on the original tale of Rapunzel, a tale that by itself, aside of the Brothers Grimm’s, has multiple versions, Tangled marries elements proven successful in previous Disney films, into a new story. It includes the thief coming to the rescue element from Aladdin, the ill-intent 'stepmother' from Snow White, and the princess discovering for the first time a world outside her owns, as in The Little Mermaid. Trust Disney Studios to master dressing up old stories and make it look, almost, fresh. Much like the color-changing chameleon in the movie (which is, by the way, a well-made character), the appearance changes yet the form stays the same.
With enough satisfying scenes to make up for the parts that are over-formulated, corny and otherwise expected, Tangled is a winner with kids, and bearable enough with their adult escorts, especially in comparison to some other kids’ flicks in recent times. I would have given it three stars, the kids give it a close five, so the final score settles on four.